NEW Brahma black mottled

The Brahma Chicken Giant




In 2007 I moved to a farm in the countryside. Together with my Belgian Malinois and a British Shorthair.

Soon, I had a few chickens and a little later I discovered the giant Brahma chickens. 
My first chickens were laying hens and did not fit so well on the farm.

Brahma chickens, many chickens like Brahma chickens sit somewhere between little- and large Brahma. Some chicken farmer give t them the name “Brahma chickens”.


How to buy a Brahma chicken


brahma kippen koppel

My curiosity to want to know everything about the breeding of Brahma, from breeding to buy,  I started this site.

Sometimes we have young brahma chickens available on this link you can always make a reservation. We support natural breeding that  gives balanced healthy chickens.

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